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Wilder Things Landscaping is a Bloomington Indiana based company that offers professional and reliable services of Invasive Species Control Bloomington Indiana.  However, we take care of the big jobs like hauling off your old furniture or removing clutter from your garage. We also offer regular maintenance to keep your home looking its best. Our goal is to make sure you have the space you need for more important things. So, Contact us today for more information!

Throughout the United States, invasive plants are destroying native ecosystems and landscapes as they out-compete native plants for light, nutrients and moisture. While many of these invaders were brought here for seemingly good reasons, others arrived accidentally. Unregulated, these plants spread rapidly and wreaked havoc on biodiversity as they overtake the natural landscape.

Wilder Things Landscaping Offers Best Services

No landscape is complete without the presence of plants and trees. But, what happens when these beautiful additions to your property turn out to be an invasive species?  Moreover, Wilder Things Landscaping Bloomington Indiana has helped people around Central Indiana maintain their yards with only the most environmentally-friendly methods for decades. So if you’ve got any questions about invasive species control in Bloomington Indiana, we can help!

Wilder Things Landscaping provides top-quality landscaping services to Bloomington Indiana. However, we offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly clean-ups for flower beds and other outdoor spaces. Our rates are very competitive with the rest of the industry. Schedule your appointment today!

To conclude, we can help you find the best tree service in Bloomington Indiana. If you need a reliable contractor to take care of your trees, we’ve got just what you need! With over 40 years of experience our team is here for all your needs. Therefore, contact us today if you have any questions about how we work or would like more information on pricing options. In a word, our specialists are standing by 24/7 to answer any inquiries so give us a call anytime.

Bradford Pear Tree Removal

Invasive plants are wreaking havoc on Indiana’s ecosystems.

Most notably? The Bradford pear tree.

This plant, favored by landscapers for its beautiful white blooms and stately appearance, is one of Indiana’s most criminal invasive species.

Bradford pear trees, also called Callery pears, bloom earlier in the year, giving them an advantage over native species and allowing them to take their resources for its own. The trees have become so ubiquitous in Indiana that in some places you can find entire fields of them.

Below are some examples of Invasive Indiana Plants:

Bradford Pear


Garlic Mustard

Glossy Buckthorn

Autumn Olive

Purple Loosestrife

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