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Every tree is either an asset or a liability. Trees are a wonderful part of a landscape that offer a number of benefits including beauty, privacy, and shade; but when they are dead, they can cause a host of problems. If the tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair, call us to get Tree Removal Bloomington.

Below, learn about the key signs of an unhealthy or dying tree, and discover what to do when a tree needs to be removed.

Tree Removal Process

Tree Removal Process Bloomington
Call the experienced tree removal specialists at Wilder Things Landscaping for superior tree removal services.


  1. Fungi, including mushrooms, growing near the base of the tree trunk
  2. Cracks in the trunk or large sections of peeling bark
  3. Too much leaning or an odd overall shape
  4. Multiple branches or fine twigs with no living buds on the ends
  5. Multiple dead or hanging branches around the upper crown of the tree
  6. Tree has insect infestation or disease

Safely removing a dead tree protects you and your landscape from these hazards and provides you with the opportunity to bring new life to your landscape.


Even if a compromised tree doesn’t ‘appear’ dangerous, it can still pose serious safety hazards to you and your home. Dead trees are particularly weak and unpredictable, they can lose branches or tip over in a storm and severely damage your home or property. There’s also the possibility that it could fall on someone, causing serious injury. And if a pest or disease caused the tree’s decline, it’s critical to remove it so nearby trees aren’t at risk of infestation.  

Let Wilder Things Landscaping assess your tree to determine if there is an underlying issue and provide a free estimate for the solution.

Call today for a free tree removal estimate.

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